Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Barlow Youth Basketball Association (BYBA)?

BYBA is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to offering a competitive basketball program for boys and girls in grades 5th – 8th living in the Barlow High School attendance boundaries. We are part of the Three Rivers Basketball League.

Every year there will be try-outs to see if your child makes a team. Athletes will play for teams based on which high school they will attend (per district boundary maps). Teams will likely consist of players from different elementary and middle schools.

Our mission is to provide playing opportunities for the youth of the community to enhance our high school basketball programs. Our home games are typically held at the high schools, and occasionally at area middle schools as needed. We will play most home games on Saturdays. Our staff will instruct young athletes through practice, basketball camps, and coaching clinics with an emphasis on competitive basketball fundamentals. We want youth basketball to be a positive experience for everyone involved!

Action photo of Barlow Youth Basketball player

What is the Three Rivers Youth Basketball League (TRL)?

The TRL is a community sponsored basketball league for 4th. through 8th. grade youth to learn and play competitive basketball. The league values and supports sportsmanship and teamwork from players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.

For more information, see the Three Rivers League web site:

What is the time commitment for players and parents?

Like all competitive sport programs, BYBA does require a commitment and dedication to the sport/team. Practices are twice a week for 1.5-2 hours each, and will be late November/early December (time/place TBA). In addition to practices, games will be played during weekday evenings or on weekends (starting in December), which generally take 3-4 hours when travel time is included. There are approximately 20 games in the TRL season, with the possibility of extra non-league tournaments during weekends.

What are parents expected to do?

In addition to getting players to practices and games on time, parents are expected to be ACTIVE VOLUNTEERS in the league. We need parents to help in concessions, participate in fundraising, assist in gym set-up/clean-up, and be supportive team parents. The league is made up primarily of volunteers and each parent will be asked to help out in some way.

Who can participate?

Any child entering grades 4th through 8th in the FALL of the current season and who lives in the Barlow School District attendance area. Private or home schooled students living within the boundaries are also eligible to play.

What if I'm outside of Barlow High School boundaries?

The student will not be eligible to participate in the BYBA competitive basketball.

Do I have to have a physical to play?

Yes, each player must undergo a sports physical. The form is available on our website. Please see that form for more details.

Do I have to start playing in the 4th grade?

No. We have successful first-time players at every grade level.

What if I have scheduled a vacation during practice time?

If you have ANY flexibility, please try to schedule around basketball season. It is important for teams to get conditioned, learn plays, and work as a team before games officially begin. It is very important that your player be there if possible.


How early can I sign up?

Registration typically begins in late September of every year. Specific dates will be posted on the BYBA website.

How late can I sign up?

Deadline dates will be POSTED on the BYBA website. Registration will close at 11:59 pm that evening. It is best to register early so that you are guaranteed a place for TRYOUTS. Teams may be limited due to availability of coaches, gym time, etc.

What paperwork is required to turn in at tryouts?

  • Sports Physical and Grade Check (form from website or ParentVue printout)

What is the BYBA fee?

Currently, our fee per player is $290, which includes the uniform (players get to keep) and covers expenses that are needed to run the league, such as gym rental, referees, basketball equipment, and league insurance. This fee is must be paid BEFORE tryouts. We understand this may present a hardship for some people and we are prepared to help. A limited number of scholarships are available, and the application can be found under FORMS on the BYB website. Additionally, you may have friends, relatives, businesses, etc., who may be interested in sponsoring a player or team. That sponsorship money is tax deductible. See Sponsors section on our website.

There is no guarantee that all players make a team. Cuts will likely be made. If your player is not selected for a team, you will be given a full refund.

What if I know someone or a business that would like to sponsor the BYBA?

Receiving sponsorships from local businesses, members of the community, family, and friends is awesome! Registration fees may not cover all of the league costs or include extra tournaments that teams would like to participate in. We will use sponsor money for yearly equipment purchases and for additional competitive tournaments offered during weekends throughout the season.


What uniform/equipment is provided?

BYBA provides a game uniform that will be yours to keep following the season.

What equipment do I have to provide?

Players will need basketball shoes and a basketball (their own for practices). It is recommended they have a reusable water bottle and bag for carrying gear.

How do I take care of my equipment?

Basketball jersey and shorts - wash in warm or cold water. Do not bleach and hang dry (or if needed, use low heat in dryer). Do not put in dryer on med/high as the numbers and letters will fade/crack. Basketball shoes should be for gym use only. Please wear other shoes to practice and change when in the gym. If basketball shoes are worn outside, they pick up gravel which scratches the gym floor.


Do I have to try out?

YES! Tryouts will be held in the evening and will be led by the BYBA directors, advisors, and coaches. They will be CLOSED tryouts. Parents/spectators will not be admitted in the gym during tryouts. Tryouts are mandatory and a player must attend at least two of the three nights (preferably all three) in order to be considered for a team. All players must be registered to attend tryouts. There is no guarantee that all registrants make a team. Cuts may be necessary.

How are the teams divided?

Team formation takes into account many factors, some of which are the competitive level to be played in the TRL, availability of coaches, and gym time. Players will be evaluated on specific basketball fundamentals including ball handling, shooting, defense, and offense. Players will be matched according to talent and skill levels. Each team will typically have 10 players (but no more than 12). The goal is to have at least one team per grade level for all boys and girls.


How do I know if my child made a team?

After tryouts, teams will be selected and notifications will be sent by coaches or BYBA leadership on whether your child made a team or not. This can take up to a week due to circumstances such as having to find additional coaches. Your patience is appreciated in advance. If your child is not placed on a BYBA team, a recreational basketball program such as YMCA will be suggested or referred.

Can I request to be placed on a team with a friend?

No. BYBA requires all players attend tryouts and they will be evaluated and placed on teams according to their skill level. One of the great things about our league is that all of the players will be with same-aged players from other elementary and middle schools. These schools feed into our high schools and helps them make new friendships with students they will be going to school with in the future. Siblings are the one possible exception to this rule.

Can I request a specific coach?

No, players will be evaluated and placed on teams according to their skill level.

How are the coaches picked?

Applicants for head coaching positions are reviewed and selected by the BYBA leadership team. The head coach usually selects an assistant from the parents of the newly formed teams, with approval from BYBA leadership. ALL coaches will need to fill out an application to be considered (available on the website) and are subject to a criminal background check. Other requirements are listed on the application.


What are the levels of play?

For TRL play, there are three skill divisions: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. BYBA Leadership and coaches determine the appropriate level.

Play up/Play down Policy:

Once players are placed on a team at the beginning of the season, the roster should be complete and not change. Players are not allowed to play down, for any reason, either in age grouping or division level within an age group. If a team cannot field enough eligible players to play, they must forfeit or reschedule the game. Full teams are not allowed to play below their age/level under any circumstance. Teams asking to play up to the next age/grade level must apply to the TRL in advance of the season scheduling meeting and the TRL will have the final decision on whether to allow it. BYBA will do our best not to have split grade/age teams. If a team must be made with split grade/age, the team must play at the higher grade/age in all games, to include tournaments outside the regular TRL season.


What is the schedule?

Game schedules are determined by the coaches at a TRL scheduling meeting. Games can be during the week (evenings) and on weekends.

How long are the games?

Players are required to arrive 45 minutes before the game time to warm up and meet with the team. TRL games are regulation high school games: (4) eight minute quarters with clock stoppages for fouls, half-time, etc. Most games last about 1½ hours. For a total time commitment, you will also have to calculate travel to and from the game and the 45 minute early arrival.

How many games are there?

The goal is to have between 20-25 games per season for each team.

Is there equal playing time?

The goal for young players is development, not wins. So for TRL games, 4th and 5th teams are required to play each player two quarters. If there are 10 players on the roster, it would result in equal playing time. For 6th/7th/8th grades, each player is required to play one quarter. If teams play in a non-league tournament, playing time is not necessarily equal but our coaches will strive to get all players in the game.


For TRL games at the 5th grade level ONLY: All players are required to play a minimum of two quarters in each game, subject to injury or fouling out early. If a team has more than 10 players on the roster, since it is not possible to have all players play the minimum of two quarters, players should all receive approximately equal playing time. This is not a rule for non-TRL games (such as weekend tournaments).


All players, coaches, parents, spectators, and fans are expected to be courteous and show good sportsmanship at all times during practices, games and tournaments. Every participant/parent of the BYBA will be required to read and sign the official TRL CODE OF CONDUCT. If at any time, a person shows unsportsmanlike behavior, he/she may be asked to leave the game or facility in which the game is being played. This will also result it a one game suspension for player, coach or fan for a game ejection. No exceptions. (OSAA Rule Enforcement - followed by TRL/BYBA)

Please practice good sportsmanship!!

Mission Statement

Barlow Youth Basketball Association, a premier youth organization in the sport of basketball, strives to provide opportunities for personal growth and development of youth athletes while also reinforcing positive influences, self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the court. Through participation, Barlow Youth Basketball Association is dedicated to educate and motivate each member while encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and fun through the spirit of basketball and to support the philosophies of the girls and boys varsity basketball programs of Sam Barlow High School.